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About Arbor Arts 

Research Based Age Appropriate Curriculum 

Arbor Arts Early Childhood Educational Solutions was established to meet a need for research based age appropriate curriculum and services to professionals and families working with young children. Through research and observation, we have discovered what makes children tick. We must continue to ask hard questions to keep up with changing environments, family strictures, social norms, expectations and resources of young learners. Our curriculum is ever evolving to to create educational solutions that are relevant, interesting, exciting, and allows room for children's interests, choices, autonomy and independence while creating an environment that teaches beyond academic readiness. We are constantly looking to discover an “AHA” moment in a child that can be built upon to create the love of learning.

PLAY should be the focus of the DAY!

Creative play, imaginative play, outside play and meaningful play are integral to a child’s development, life skills and academic success.

Arbor Arts Early Childhood Educational Solutions provides structure to guide teachers and parents to create a meaningful play environment. Meaning play provokes, entices and encourages children to explore their world around them. Meaningful play is the basis for exploration which leads to discovery and discovery leads to knowledge.

For the Love of Learning!

 Arbor Arts Curriculum Provides: 

  • An opportunity to develop foundational skills (critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration)
  • Meaningful and Relevant Learning
  • Activities that stimulate curiosity about the world around them
  • Engaging ideas to create an interest in learning. 

Arbor Arts Curriculum includes: * 

  • Provocation
  • Sensory Activities
  • Process Art
  • Relevant Writing
  • Grab and GO Activities

*Materials that are needed for all Arbor Arts activities and lessons are easily found in your house, in nature or at the dollar store and minimal preparation is required for parents and teachers.

We are excited to help create the path that leads children to be life-long learners regardless of  their environment, family dynamics, socioeconomic status, health or emotional state. Arbor Arts curriculum is designed with flexibility in mind. Teachers and parents can create as structured or unstructured of a day as they would like, incorporating their own experiences, activities, books and traditions but most importantly following the lead of their students.  The sequence of curriculum components will allow your students to meet early reading and writing goals and  foundational learning in science and math.

Arbor Arts Center Curriculum is a 36-week subscription program designed for classrooms of children 3 to 7 years of age.

Each week includes:

  • Suggested daily schedule
  • Classroom lesson plans
  • Provocation, Sensory, Relevant Writing, STEM/STEAM and Process Art activities
  • Shopping and materials lists
  • Parent letter
  • Documentation and support services for accreditation and regulatory needs.

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible in that teachers can incorporate additional activities, books, traditions or events of their choice.  We provide teachers with resources to teach early reading and writing skills, science, math, technology, music, and art.

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Arbor Arts Homeschool Curriculum is a 36-week subscription program designed for parents working with children ages 3 to 7.

Each week includes:

  • Suggested daily schedule
  • Lesson plans
  • Provocation, Sensory, Relevant Writing, STEM/STEAM, Process Art and Grab and Go activities
  • Shopping and materials lists

The schedule can easily be amended to meet the needs of your child and family. Our curriculum is intended to guide meaningful play and enticing activities which foster a love of learning.  Our educational solutions are developmentally appropriate, founded in research and best practices to foster the love of learning, curiosity and creativity.

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Arbor Arts Day School serves as a lab school and training center for our Early Childhood Center Curriculum.

Located in Paducah, Kentucky, the city of arts and crafts, our day school is a wonderful place where kids come to learn, play and make new friends! Arbor Arts Day school combines, experienced and loving staff with an individualized focus on the whole child. Arbor Arts fills children's days with learning; communication and problem solving skills; nutritious food; free, creative, meaningful and outside play, music and art leading them down the road to the LOVE OF LEARNING!

If you currently live or plan to visit Western Kentucky or Southern Illinois and would like to visit Arbor Arts Day School, please contact us to schedule a visit.

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